When I started the JCF Sevens Project, I went searching for a new graphic designer and came across Anthony. He turned out to be a phenomenal talent and has since been involved in the branding of the Women’s Premiership and the re-branding of the EIHA for their new website. Anthony starts all his logos with hand drawings and I love that, he has the real skills that make each logo truly unique – a really rare gift these days. Although he is mainly a sports guy, he has also recently helped me with a business branding project too. Anthony has become an extremely important member of the team and is very much a part of our success. Here’s a short blurb from the man himself:

Anthony is an Australian designer who specialises in creating branding for the sports industry. Bringing experience in digital, apparel and identity design, Anthony has helped sporting organisations at all levels sharpen their image.

Anthony has created logos for the England’s Women’s Premiership rugby tournament and the English Ice Hockey Association. His work has been featured by Fox Sports Australia and his commentary on sports design and branding has appeared in several daily newspapers.

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