It’s also RuckinRugby

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As I explained in my last post, I am now wholly sole trading as The Pig Farmer Designs. Back in 2004 I designed a website for a rugby club and they loved it – Technology Angel developed a CMS and Template for me to use with my own HTML and CSS and we devleoped a good, solid website template for any sporting club to use, but my focus has always been rugby. RuckinRugby is essentially a ‘brand’ but I don’t trade under it – it is all me and I just trade as The Pig Farmer Designs. is an online portfolio showing all of the club and union sites I have built and it also stays up to date with all the charity work and other exciting things I get up to, in the name of RuckinRugby – so … Read More »

It’s just The Pig Farmer

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Okay – this has gone in a few circles but 2009 is the year for streamlining! Jesterz s a brand and company and concept – in fact in its entirety is no longer anything to do with me. I am from April 1st 2009 just … ‘Max’. John ‘Max’ Maxwell trading as The Pig Farmer Designs. A sole trader web designer with offices in Devon and Dubai. I am fully booked out right now with new websites being prepared in UK and UAE and beyond – more on that in a moment. I will also add a separate post regarding whihc is taking off nicely and is now back in my complete control – which is nice.

Twittering yet?

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I have been close to getting a Pig Farmer Twitter channel but really need to get more disciplined first as I am only just about managing to keep my RuckinRugby channel up to date …. how would I do two?? The RuckinRugby channel gave me a chance to play though and I have already created two for other clients – I am sure there will be more to come – are you twittering yet???

Wedding Collections for 2009

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After 3 days surrounded by wedding dresses in what is the holiday season here in Dubai, all 5 websites are now live and refreshed, ready for the new collections. The main Romantica site is at – and then they have a dedicated site for their bridesmaids dresses at and another website for their beautiful ‘pure’ line at Aside of all these they have their other separate website for the Phil Collins Bridal collection, that is at Enjoy.

Romantica is in the air!

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Once again it’s that time of year when Romantica bombard me with CDs of beautiful women in beautiful wedding dresses – Romantica of Devon update their 5 websites with brand new collections every year and this year is no exception – the work will take place late in Dubai time and overnight UK time for each website for minimum disruption – and the main Romantica website is complete already!

Yachts in Cochin

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The Yachts in Cochin website kicked off around a month ago but has been very disjointed due to the fact that whenever I am back in the office – my client disappears and vice versa, but this month we added the BLOG and now I can look forward to adding all of our boat boy’s letters of recommendation – and there are plenty of them!

Back From India

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The Pig Farmer has returned from India inspired if not rested – the contrast when returning to Dubai of all places is just something else. A great 2 weeks of rugby and more progress for RuckinRugby which is continuing to grow at an alarming rate with clubs now going live with our websites in New Zealand, Australia and maybe even the USA this month! Meanwhile – a first for me this month will be a website in Saudi Arabia for an Industrial cleaning company – more to follow – and we hope for the 3 new Dubai sites to go live at the end of November too.

Week in UK

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I couldn’t push the whole 4 weeks without Michelle and the boys and so am returning to UK on August 13th for a week in the rain before returning – en masse – on August 20th. I will be contactable at all times of course via email. I will also be in India at the end of October, but you will be able to read more about that at soon!

Jesterz returns

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I have been thinking about my brand and the situation with trading in the Middle East for almost 2 years now and I have decided to make only a subtle change. I will trade in the Middle East as Jesterz Communications which was the very first name I used when I first went out on my own back in 2000 as Consultant and Technical Author. This brand will slowly percolate through the website and replace that of The Pig Farmer Designs. I will still keep all the old email addresses and domain names so I will still be contactable in the same way, nothing will change. I will still use the name and no doubt my existing UK clients will refer to me as The Pig Farmer for some time to come, and there’s no problem with that. All new … Read More »

Twin Projects for August

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Two great projects have come in via Dubai this month and I hope both will prove to set a new standard in their fields. One is in the financial sector, one in recruitment – both of which are fields that I don’t normally move in, so I am very excited about seeing the results. Both sites are being built simultaneously and will include full branding packages – more news as it comes.


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