A New Sparky in Town: CB Electrical

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Conrad is a friend of mine – albeit a Kiwi – but that can’t be helped. He has decided to join the rest of us in the world of sole trading, freelancing – self employed – call it what you will. Conrad has almost 10 years of experience working as an Electrician and has worked on industrial, domestic and commercial projects.

Conrad has taken advantage of a new service that I have started, in a hope to attract new and small businesses just like his – I am offering a web-builder service whereby you can get online, with a single page website just like Conrad’s – – for just £99! I supply a domain name for FREE and it costs just £3 per month to host – that includes your email (with webmail facility) too. No more advertising in the paper and looking unprofessional with a complicated [email protected] email address – this is the beginning of a true online identity for any business.

Conrad, like any other businessman at this stage is finding that it is all about expense – car, phone, advertising, marketing ….. the list goes on and the last thing he needs is a quote for a £1500 website but – he doesn’t want to compromise on quality either. I will provide the same level of expertise and support to Conrad as I do to any of my clients as I have learned that this is what people want. Conrad’s success is important to me too, as he grows and his company grows – so will his website.

With the Web Builder service, Conrad can come back to me and ‘add’ to his website. He can add pages, video, photos, Blogs – whatever he wants but he will be charged a set price per item – a simple page costing £30 – £50 to set up and an additional £1-2 per month to host.

I look forward to seeing Conrad’s new venture take off and wish him all the best.

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