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Andrew Doulton and his company ‘Lock and Leave Self Storage’ have been customers of The Pig Farmer for several years. Andrew was previously engaged with us at Crown Storage too, a real fan. We originally created a bespoke site for Andrew but it soon became apparent that something slicker and more adaptable was required. Andrew had plans to add more sites and we also wanted to make the website mobile friendly.

We gave the logo a small tweak but kept the vibrant Orange and Blue colours – adding in some accent colours to make the website look more business like and less tacky. The site was built on WordPress, using the Propulsion theme from Kreisi. The layout is fully responsive and we added plugins for SEO, Mega-Menu and Google Maps.

Andrew had some fantastic photos taken of the 2 main sites and we have used them throughout the design.

Lock and Leave office reception

Since launching the website we have added the 3rd location in Canterbury and there are hopefully more to come. The site continues to do well against massively bigger opposition on Google etc and we do put a lot of work into using our smaller size to our advantage and trying to keep a clean, easy to use website in concert with Andrew’s fantastic customer service … so far – so good.

We have used some neat layout touches with tabbed boxes, sliders, accordions and embedded fonts – this all helps the look of the site and gives it that edge. We also employed Andrew Lathwell to create the strategic ‘Get a Quote’ button and his partner Niki Lathwell to create a lot of the copy. Lathwell associates have also been involved with a lot of offline marketing for Lock and Leave and continue to offer a strong partnership for The Pig Farmer in that area of expertise.

Andrew loves the site and gave us a 5 Star rating on WWDC, adding:

An excellent value for money Devon company. Our website was turned around in very quick time and to our satisfaction.

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