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This has been a long time coming but last night we managed to go live at for the Kuwait Saracens Rugby Club. Hennie and Mike have been very involved with the design which is always welcome. It got a bit heated, but the good kind – I like a client who pushes me to do more on the design side and I learned another new photoshop trick along the way, so it’s all good for me, RuckinRugby and of course Kuwait Saracens Rugby Club.

Q8 chose the ‘Premium’ package as they wanted to make their website LOOK fantastic and stand out for their sponsors, I think we managed that. The Premium Package gets you a uniquely designed banner for every page, ‘graphic’ headings on every page in your chosen font and design – it also gives you unlimited pages and so I am sure we will see this website grow as the club grows.

From the offset I could see that this club understood what RuckinRugby is all about, what I am trying to achieve. It is a pity that more clubs in the UK do not understand, but I think this may be due to at least two major factors – 1) The UK in general is a lot more negative and apathetic and this can hinder any approaches to business for sponsorship – on both sides and 2) The clubs in the Middle East do tend to be younger, more active and maybe run by business people – Ex-Pats, that are used to making things happen in a short amount of time – before they move on.

The Kuwait Saracens are a new club, providing rugby for all ages up to 18 and I believe they will grow very quickly, because they have the right attitude – and we will be there to make sure they look good doing it and reach as many as people as they can. I will do a follow up to this soon with their feedback and also any progress on SMO for the club.

If you like this website and would like one for your club – whatever your sport – then drop an email to me on [email protected].

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