RISAL go live in the Kingdom

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This project first started way back in 2007 when I was living in Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia. I was playing rugby for Al Khobar Quins RFC and put a website up for them – – and in fact, I am working on a new site for them as I type this! Gavin played rugby with me and asked me to take a look at his company website as he wanted to update it, the company were Industrial Professionals – RISAL – they were also the sponsors of our rugby team … communication!

So – the site was very old and pretty awful, there was absolutely no META info and the coding was very bloated with a lot of inline css … plenty for me to work on. I decided to start from scratch and work on a WordPress platform for the news section as they had requested the ability to update this part themselves. I have recently done a couple of builds completely on WP and I think I will move this over in a few months just to make all editing easier.

I wasn’t quite sure where to go with the colours on this site but I knew that I wanted to clean it up (it was a mess) and make it all very easy to navigate. You have to be careful with ‘funking’ up websites in some cultures and genres, and I reckon I have gone about as far as I dare with an Industrial Cleaning outfit from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I hope the News section proves to be easy to use and that they use it more because of this, I will also be checking what result my coding has on their SEO too!

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