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Following on from the success we had designing a website for David Breen’s Triplekite, Michelle Lovegrove and I were called back again by David to do the same again for another one of his ventures – The brief was similarly open (If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it) and the result was a clean, fresh WordPress website.

The website is built on the very latest version of wordpress and uses a theme from ‘Karma’. From there I used a couple of accent colours from the logo created by one of my favourite graphic design partners Michelle Lovegrove and set about creating a really clean layout to make sure I stayed true to the core values I have as The Pig Farmer, – those are: fresh, clean, easy to navigate website design.

The photography is stock and I have had it for years and never used it but I wanted to use images that were relevant but not distracting, to make sure that the viwer stays ‘on message’ whilst having no doubt that Sales Optimisation is a professional and focused company. In essence, david Breen has the same values as me and that makes life a lot easier because I know what is important to him and what he wants people to ‘feel’ about his company.

There is also a secure area of the site where David can login and add hidden pages for clients. From here his client can login securely and download documents and content added for their eyes only.

Working with Max was straightforward and organised. There were no dramas, total flexibility. Creativity was high, suggestions and being led by him was welcomed and forthcoming. all in all a good experience at a sensible, value for money price.

There will be more websites linked to David in my portfolio, I have no doubt about that and I very much look forward to the next open brief. David provided his feedback on our profile page at WWDC, please click here to see this and others.

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