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I have been involved with the Tag Rugby Trust ever since I toured with them to India in 2008 and it changed my life – I honestly mean that. It certainly changed my approach to Rugby and enriched my interpretation of just what it can achieve, specifically in developing countries like India. I cannot remember just what order it all happened in, but in 2008 I went to Kolkata with the TRT (then the TRDT) and met Paul Walsh – who introduced me to Abhi and others. I came to know the fantastic Jungle Crows, Future Hope school and of course Salien Tudu ….. the rest is history.

Meanwhile – I stayed in touch with Martin Hansford, Trev and the trust. Just recently, as a reward for the pro bono projects I have done for the likes of the Nile Crocs and Mbale elephants etc; the TRT decided to let me have a go at their own website – which I have been nagging them about for some time. Result!

As I was in the process of moving RuckinRugby over onto WordPress, I thought this would be a great opportunity to get stuck in and I designed the whole TRT website around a bespoke wordpress theme. I experimented with some new plug-ins, a new navigation tool and a widgetized sidebar, all of which I think have turned out well.

Over the next month we will really hone the nes updating and distribution services built in to this website and I hope to add a full report here once that is all running smoothly. I am aiming to get a really comprehensive approach to the social media channeling but with the absolute minimum of fuss – using things like and to do the hard work. We will see.

You can see the website live here:

Have a look at it and let me know what you think, – I really like it.

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