Just wanted to give a quick update prior to leaving as I just realised I’d been offline for a while. Cardiff University have gone with an upgrade to their successful RuckinRugby website from last season. The new site has a better layout, a far more vibrant and engaging design and a punchy home page thanks to some simple, but effective media that we hope to progress through the season …. live any day soon. Another returning customer was www.AGRFU.com and the Arabian Gulf RFU. Last season’s website was a massive success and simply ahead of it’s time in the world of stuffy old, slow Rugby Unions … online registration for clubs AND players, downloadable resources and even online match reporting for referees etc. Take a look at the new website. I also have exciting new website projects for RuckinRugby in the Development stages: TOA Dubai, Kuwait Academy, KK Sharks in Malaysia and even something bubbling up in Canada.