Romantica goes live with new range

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Romantica of Devon and Phil Collins Bridal are both great clients – here are their new rages for 2010.

Back in the office

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Once again, The Pig Farmer is operating out of Tiverton in Devon and the inbox is well and truly stacked!

Time to go home…

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Well, the time has come and unfortunately it is November – not the best time to return from Bali to Tiverton … but such is life.

Before I go…

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Just wanted to give a quick update prior to leaving as I just realised I’d been offline for a while. Cardiff University have gone with an upgrade to their successful RuckinRugby website from last season. The new site has a better layout, a far more vibrant and engaging design and a punchy home page thanks to some simple, but effective media that we hope to progress through the season …. live any day soon. Another returning customer was and the Arabian Gulf RFU. Last season’s website was a massive success and simply ahead of it’s time in the world of stuffy old, slow Rugby Unions … online registration for clubs AND players, downloadable resources and even online match reporting for referees etc. Take a look at the new website. I also have exciting new website projects for RuckinRugby in … Read More »

Tweeting at last

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The Pig Farmer now has it’s own Tweet channel – – which will make my life a lot easier now I do not have to think about trying to separate RuckinRugby and The Pig Farmer. It has been a confusing time back in the UK this month as I have truly felt in flux but unable to get stuck in to anything. On Monday we fly to Bali and I can’t wait to get stuck in to, and others for RuckinRugby. I also have plans to go with a WordPress package for a new site – so that should be interesting too. I will be offline for a few days but back online (I hope) in Bali next week.

The Pig Farmer is moving again

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We arrived in Dubai from Saudi Arabia back in April last year so were just about settled in when the downturn hit! I managed to get 3 or 4 sites live for The Pig Farmer Designs in the last year but only 1 of those has any content and this company have been mainly operating outside of the Middle East. My new Rugby oriented brand – RuckinRugby – on the other hand has had a fantastic year, kicking of with the Arabian Gulf RFU and the biggest club in Dubai – the Dubai Exiles – and following up with the UAE’s most beautiful rugby team – the UAE Falcons Ladies and the Arabian Potbellies. I have still managed to put 4 or 5 websites live back in the UK too, so a pretty good year. I will be in UK … Read More »

Long time no see

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Well – it’s been a long time and a lot has gone on. My RuckinRugby brand has been very busy and doing really well with new prospects in NZ, Australia, USA, Kuwait and UK – you can see more at about that. Meanwhile, away from Rugby I have finally gone live with in June and the new site for Romantica of Devon’s new range – I am also moving on from Dubai and taking a month in UK followed by a move to Bali, Indonesia. Dubai was great as an experience and a follow on from a year in Saudi but the complete lack of respect for any kind of workmanship lets them down. So – Michelle, the boys and I are off on the next phase of our world tour and hopefully it will continue to … Read More »

New Logo For

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This week has seen an update visually of the website, thanks to a fantastic new logo from our graphics girl Shelly.

Mongolia Machine Arrives

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I have done some more with Andrew & Cat’s website this week and they have got a first draft from their cartoonist for the logo – so all is moving along well.

Honour Our Troops

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There’s a lot of stuff knocking around about individual soldiers, units, mums, partners etc – about whether the war is right or wrong from just about any angle you can think of. But this caught my eye. A small group of individuals have decided to stage a huge concert to well, – Honour Our Troops upon their return. It really is that simple.


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