Eve Copper’s coming out

Eve is a fantastically talented fashion designer and dressmaker who lives just down the road, well ... canal - from my office. I have seen her photography and shots of people modelling her clothes and so I was aware of the quality I'd be working with, so when she asked for a website it was a no-brainer.

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Partridge Farm Tiverton

Hannah was a great client as she was open minded and always happy to listen, but she also knew what she wanted and what she thought was best for her business. I can always give advice and recommendations based on what I have experienced, but nobody knows my client's business better than they do.

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JMC Recycling Ltd

I was recommended to Sally at JMC Recycling by a work partner and a friend, so that is always a nice way to start a project. JMC had a website but it was falling off the Google rankings and starting to look a bit dated and tired. The website was already on Wordpress - which was handy for exports and back-ups etc ... but it was using a bespoke and very messy theme, which did complicate issues.

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The Ash Stud

Jana Khayat has spent several years building a small, beautiful horse stud in Devon - and it was time to stop hiding and show it off to the world. After the initial phone call, I was pretty in the dark on this one - all I knew was that I had been recommended by the remarkably talented equine photographer, Fiona Crawford.

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RISAL go live in the Kingdom

So - the site was very old and pretty awful, there was absolutely no META info and the coding was very bloated with a lot of inline css ... plenty for me to work on. I decided to start from scratch and work on a Wordpress platform for the news section as they had requested the ability to update this part themselves. I have recently done a couple of builds completely on WP and I think I will move this over in a few months just to make all editing easier.

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