Rugby Uncle gathers momentum

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My move to the Middle East in 2007 rekindled my love of playing rugby – as my body is incapable of doing so at anything less than 35 degrees heat – and this trip to India, along with tales from the Philippines and Indonesia relayed by my team mates in Dubai, bought back to me just how important rugby was for me when I was a young teenager – and I wanted to give something back. This is what Rugby Uncle is all about, for me.

Tiverton RFC Return to RuckinRugby

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At last, Tiverton Rugby Club and RuckinRugby are re-united with a great new website for the second half of the season and ready for 2010/11.

Cardiff University RFC go live

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The new look Cardiff University RFC website finally goes live – looks good too.

RuckinRugby for Christmas too

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Amongst all of these wonderful jpegs of wedding dresses and bridesmaids – there were also some rugby pics tucked away, – just to mix it up! i have just gone live with a first draft for Jeddah Rugby Club, that I am very pleased with – you can see it here, though it is yet to be finished off: and I have also just about finished off a cool looking site for the Kuwait Rugby Academy here: – both of these should get padded out with info throughout January and should be lookiing good for next season.

Maidan hazard

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Maidan Hazard are the 2nd team over at Paul Walsh’s Kolkata Jungle Crows, probably the best rugby club – in the world

RuckinRugby continues to flourish in the sun

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RuckinRugby have had some great and early success here in Dubai – see their BLOG for more news. This month they have signed up to design an all new website for the Arabian Gulf RFU – and one for Dubai’s oldest club, – the Dubai Exiles. RuckinRugby are continuing to look at business opportunities and have been talking to many clothing and kit suppliers as well as player agencies etc – it all looks good for the future.


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