Saudi is fine but as life has presented me with the chance to move to Dubai – I’m taking it! I will be moving over in April 2008 to find a home for my wife and the boys – and then they will be joining me. I am already in talks with a Rugby Club there about a new website and hopefully a few more vets games before my body finally gives in …. or Michelle enforces a ban! I am also hoping to get involved with the AGRFU – exciting times. My job will take me all over the Middle East and so I will continue to trade freelance in my spare time and only take on limited projects that I can focus on.

I have very much enjoyed being able to take on limited new design projects under no pressure this last year and most of the time just do new work for existing clients. In 2008 I hope to really focus even more on existing clients and try to see where I can proactively help them with their online business instead of waiting for them to ask. It really is easier to keep a client than find a new one, as the old saying goes.