I am doing some work for Ricoh right now and they have an email every Friday called the FAFF … and it is posted to everyone at Four Fifteen, on a Friday … Friday at Four Fifteen. Brilliant. So, it inspired me – albeit sluggishly to get back in the driving seat!

I renewed my website here for The Pig Farmer a week or two ago and I really do love it. The new WordPress 3.5 Dashboard build etc is great and there is no excuse for being disorganised. I have sorted some work for my portfolio, in both brands – RuckinRugby and The Pig Farmer – and it’s looking really good. This is all stuff I urge my clients to do and it is easy … once you sit down and decide you’re going to do it!

Over the past 6 months I have been streamlining business processes for my company and though it sounds dull, the effects are so rewarding that it really is worth it. I became a Ltd company – John Maxwell Ltd – and I also went VAT Registered. As part of all of this I signed up with an accountancy firm in Bristol called Tempo Accounting and I really cannot recommend them highly enough, they have been a phenomenal help. Jon came to my office to meet me and go through everything, he then set me up online and now everything is done online in my own dedicated dashboard, and I mean everything. All of my invoicing is done there now and all of my contacts are in there and it is linked to my business account so I get an email when someone has paid an invoice! You can even scan your receipts on your iPhone and upload them as expenses … it’s the future. Barmy.

Next I revisited my Highrise account and added every single one of my business contacts with details of their website build as ‘custom fields’. When did they go live, what version of WordPress are they on, what theme am I using, what package are they on, do they have email? Hosted Exchange? Do they pay monthly? Annually? Are they VAT registered? Everything I need to know is there.

Lastly – Evernote. What can I say … Evernote. I love it. I use it for everything now and it’s synced across every platform.


Not everything went well. I did spend a massive amount of time setting up MAMP and WordPress locally on my iMac … hoping to have a simple way of buiulding my site locally on Coda and then just ‘pinging’ it live on the day … but it didn’t really pan out. I haven’t totally given up though.

Moving on

Next it’s email accounts, why do I have 4? In fact it may be 5. All of my email is moving to my MacBook and iPhone, leaving my new 27″ iMac for undisturbed design. I currently host around 50 live websites but with my increased efficiency I am sure I can double that quite easily, so that has to be good news, – right?


So it’s Thursday and it’s Six Thirty … TSF doesn’t have the same ring. I won’t publish this yet, I’ll wait for a better acronym. TTFN.