There’s a lot of stuff knocking around about individual soldiers, units, mums, partners etc – about whether the war is right or wrong from just about any angle you can think of. But this caught my eye. A small group of individuals have decided to stage a huge concert to well, – Honour Our Troops upon their return. It really is that simple.

I’m sure that most people who know this old hippy, know his thoughts on the invasion of Iraq from a political viewpoint but I am partly hitching my wagon to this because I want to make very clear – to everyone that I know – that I am 100% behind our guys and girls out there. In my honest opinion, we as civilians let these people down by making them the ‘only option’ when they were far from it.

All this aside – we have the greatest Armed Forces on earth, bar none and we need them there, trained – to ensure that we don’t even have to think about it. And once the politics are done and the call is made, for my money, all bets are off and we stand as a Nation 100% behind them. To that end – I am honoured myself to be involved in this project and would hope that all those who know me, will do the right thing and help make it happen – for them.

Thank you.