From the outset back in 2004, I set myself apart from most other website designers by making a decision not to ‘design and run’, choosing instead to build my business model upon a foundation of long-term partnerships with my clients. I am happy to say that this has been the core of our success and I intend to continue with that ethos.

Hosting & Support £20.75 pcm*

Our basic Hosting & Support package costs £20.75 per month and includes:

  • 5GB Storage
  • 20GB Bandwidth
  • Physical Hosting of website and standard email services.
  • WordPress Core & Plugin updates* (Automatically, Weekly).
  • Weekly off-site Backups.
  • Weekly Security Scans.
  • 24/7 Phone and email Support.
  • *There is an additional cost of £2pcm if you choose to be invoiced monthly.

This practical H&S Package basically ensures the safety of your WordPress website at a time when more and more websites are being hacked, particularly if their code is not kept up to date. If your website or email has a problem, then I am available 24/7 to fix it, and every one of our clients will proudly vouch for this.

*Most themes now charge an additional licence fee of around £50 per annum. this covers the continual updates needed in order to keep the theme safe and in-line with security updates added to the WordPress core and essential plug-ins. These charges will be charged outside of our ‘package’.

Email Services

Included in the basic Hosting & Support package outlined above, you can have up to 10 email accounts and unlimited forwarders. These 10 mailboxes are 1GB in size. Any account can be upgraded in 1GB increments at a cost of £1 per month, per mailbox. All accounts include free, secure webmail access.

WordPress Migration

If you already have a WordPress website but you’d like us to take over the Hosting & Support then please get in touch with the details, – we generally migrate websites for free.

Premium Care £68.50 pcm*

Many of our clients upgrade to our Premium Care Package to add convenience and ROI to peace of mind. While it’s great to know that your online presence is safe and secure, it should also be performing to the best of it’s ability and this takes time and effort – something not all of our clients have to burn. With the Premium Care package you get all of the practical measures of the H&S package , but on top of that you ring-fence an hour of our time every month for housekeeping tasks, such as:

  • Adding a Blog post
  • Adding content
  • Photoshopping & uploading images
  • Updating non-core plugins
  • Daily Backups
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • *There is an additional cost of £2pcm if you choose to be invoiced monthly.

Most SMEs will find that an hour a month of our time will cover what is needed, enjoying the convenience of sending a quick email with a photo attached, trusting us to sculpt them into a Blog post. This steady flow of ‘fresh’ relevant content will not only keep your clients and followers happy, but it will set you apart from the majority of your competition on Google too.

The reason we can enjoy this kind of relationship with our clients is that we have been with them since day 1. We built the website together, we learned about their business and their passion for it and what is important to them and why. We become part of the business.

Additional work

While we’re confident that most of our clients will agree that they get great value on their ring-fenced hour, there will always be some jobs that need to be considered as a separate project and charged for accordingly. Projects like adding a photo gallery or an online shop – maybe integrating Social Media channels etc. These jobs can be done ad-hoc and charged at month end, at an hourly rate of £49.50.


If you would like to train a member of your staff to help with content changes then please get in touch and we can arrange some training to suit your needs.

No Contracts

All of our Hosting & Support plans have always been month-to-month with no contract. We want to earn your business each month by providing the best service possible.