Important: We’re Moving! A message for my clients.

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As all of you will now know, my web hosts ‘Heartinternet’ had a major outage recently, you can read bout it here:

As a result of this, or more specifically as a result of the way I was treated in the aftermath of this … I’ve made the decision to bite the bullet and move to another provider. This wasn’t a snap decision, far from it in fact – it was just the final blow. I signed up for my reseller account with Heart over 10 years ago after leaving 1&1. The great thing about Heart was, although they fell over a lot they always reacted quickly to let you know why (via their ticketing system) and they pretty much got you back up in a few hours. On this occasion, in addition to their ineptitude shooting off the scale … their support packed up and went home. Two of my websites were down for a week and 40+ websites in all were down. Once we got back up and running they offered me ONE MONTH’S extension on my reseller account. To put that into perspective, they’re currently offering SIX MONTH’S FREE to ALL new customers.

I now have a dedicated server with UKFAST and I have already tweaked the server settings to allow my clients to run full tilt with themes like Avada 4.0. There’s a lot of awesomeness ahead but first things first … let’s get moved in!

The Website

This is the easy bit. Luckily for all my beautiful clients, I use a tool called ManageWP to manage all of my WordPress websites. Every site is backed up in full every day and so all I needed to do in order to move to our new home was clone your website. Job Done.


Email is pretty straightforward to move, but it does mean you getting involved. Having said that, this may well be a good time to look at how you run your email. All of you will have already received an email from me explaining what email accounts you have set up currently and asking you to confirm which of these are still being used and which can be deleted.

Some of you are connecting in POP mode and this is fine as all of your email will be downloaded to your PC/Mac. After switchover you will carry on as normal.

For the majority of you who use your email in IMAP mode, I’d like you to follow these instructions and let me know when you’re done so I can make the switch.


  1. Create the same email account on your new server that you had on your old server. Use the same spelling and capitalisation. (I have already done this for you)
  2. Give the new email account the same password that you used on your old server (as provided by me). You can change the password after the migration process is done, if desired. (I have already done this for you)
  3. In your local email client (Mac Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird etc), create two new email accounts.
    • These will both be for the same email address.
    • They will both use the same password.
    • They must both be configured to connect using IMAP.
    • The incoming server (or IMAP server) will be different for each account. You should use your IP address for your new server (email me for details), and your domain name for your old server ( This will avoid any possible DNS conflicts.
  4. With both accounts online, open up the inbox for the account that connects to your old server. Drag and drop messages from this inbox to the inbox on your new server.
  5. That’s it! If you have a lot of emails, give the accounts a few minutes to finish syncing up. Once they’re done, your old emails will be in your mailbox on the new server.
  6. Email Max and tell him you’re ready to switch!

So, in case you’re wondering “What’s the difference between POP and IMAP and which should I use … ?

Choose POP If…

  • you want to access your mail from only one single device (although ‘advanced settings’ can allow you to leave a copy on the server for another machine to collect too).
  • you need constant access to your email, regardless of internet availability
  • your server storage space is limited (it isn’t)

Choose IMAP If…

  • you want to access your email from multiple different devices
  • you have a reliable and constant internet connection
  • you want to receive a quick overview of new emails or emails on the server
  • your local storage space is limited
  • you are worried about backing up

If in doubt, go with IMAP. It’s the more modern protocol, it allows you to be flexible.

IMAP saves locally by default (the messages are synchronised between the server and the local hard disc). They will only be deleted from the local hard disc if you delete them from your mailbox (either locally or by accessing your mail from another computer or client, and deleting them there). If you stop using an email account, the messages will NOT be deleted.

Local folders in 'On my computer'

Fig 1

The location of the local storage depends on the program you use. You can usually find it by looking for the word “storage” in the account information on the client.

If you want to make a separate copy of the messages which will be saved *only* on the computer, you can create additional folders on your hard disc and copy the messages to them. The term for those local folders differs between email clients. For example, on Thunderbird they’re called “Local Folders”, in Windows Live Mail “Storage Folders” and in Mail on the Macintosh they are usually called “On My Mac” or something similar.

I highly recommend setting up these ‘local’ folders, as 1) it keeps you organised and 2) it keeps down the size of your inbox on the server (which is limited).

See in Fig. 1 how my important folders are set up ‘On My Computer’.

All done

That’s it. If you have any worries at all, please give me a shout – I’m always here. I will write another post soon about life on the new server, once we’re all moved in.

Many thanks.

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