I was recommended to Sally at JMC Recycling by a work partner and a friend, so that is always a nice way to start a project. JMC had a website but it was falling off the Google rankings and starting to look a bit dated and tired. The website was already on WordPress – which was handy for exports and back-ups etc … but it was using a bespoke and very messy theme, which did complicate issues.

JMC were quite adamant that they wanted to keep the site on their own hosting and this was both a blessing and a curse. A curse because it made going live almost a whole day’s work rather than 2 minutes and it was a nightmare only having one MySQL DB available etc … but a blessing because it made me realise how much I LOVE Heartinternet. I have been with Heart for maybe 8 or 9 years now and I would never, ever use anyone else. The interface to their control panels and the level of functionality I can make available via my reseller package is a million miles away from what I had to deal with on this project.

Anyway – hosting aside, we have a great WordPress website up and running with the Avada Theme and we’re looking good. We used the Portfolio to add our various products – including transitory ‘used’ ones. The Avada theme is extremely flexible and – for me – is most impressive in it’s layout options and short code variations. Second to none in fact.

Screenshot of new JMC Recycling LTD's website

JMC have a few other websites that are due a similar treatment and I am hoping that I will get the chance to bid once again and keep the family in a similar ‘theme’.

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