Well – it’s been a long time and a lot has gone on. My RuckinRugby brand has been very busy and doing really well with new prospects in NZ, Australia, USA, Kuwait and UK – you can see more at www.ruckinrugby.com about that. Meanwhile, away from Rugby I have finally gone live with www.lockandleave.co.uk in June and the new site for Romantica of Devon’s new range – www.opulencebridal.com. I am also moving on from Dubai and taking a month in UK followed by a move to Bali, Indonesia. Dubai was great as an experience and a follow on from a year in Saudi but the complete lack of respect for any kind of workmanship lets them down. So – Michelle, the boys and I are off on the next phase of our world tour and hopefully it will continue to be rich in inspiration. We will be in UK for all of August and then flying to Bali in September.