This week has seen an update visually of the website, thanks to a fantastic new logo from our graphics girl Shelly. The logo shows the crossed swords and tri-colours of the 3 Armed Services – The Army, Navy and Air Force. The website has been done on a pro bono basis by The Pig Farmer Designs to help this group raise enough money to gain charitable status. Once they have achieved this they can get started promoting what I hope will be a fantastic concert to say Thank you to those men and women who fight on our behalf every day, – so that we don’t have to.

This is a project that I feel very passionately about and it has already proved very difficult for me – personally – to accept the attitude shown towards these soldiers by their public at home, many of whom choose to use the very democracy that they defend, to opt out of saying thank you. These guys and girls do not start wars, we have politicians and businessmen for that – the Armed Forces are there to clean up the mess, and I for one am thankful for that.