Pete Turner is a builder specialising in new builds, renovations and barn conversions – but it didn’t take me too long to realise that he was a little bit more than that. Within a short while of knowing Pete I just knew that I was going to enjoy creating this website.

From the off Pete knew what he wanted and it was very much in line with my style and way of doing things. Once I’d convinced him to get a professional photographer on site to do his work justice, we had all the ingredients for a beautiful portfolio website. Shelly Lovegrove took the photos and I am sure you will agree that she did a fabulous job.

My muse (and wife) takes credit for the colours and I immediately started playing with a really simple idea for a logo and brand. I have a problem with doing anything if I don’t think am going to produce a 100% perfect job and I will freely admit that illustration is not my thing. I was tempted to outsource it to make sure this site ticked all the boxes, but at the same time I really felt that I was inside the head of my client to such an extent that – I just ‘knew’ how he wanted it to all end up as far as look and feel. So … I did it myself – and it turned out ok. I know it’s simple, but that’s how I like it and the rest of the site really unfolded from this central point.

Thanks Partner

When I got the logo how I wanted I contacted my new partner Andrew Lathwell who is the real deal when it comes to Graphic Design and asked him to mock up some images of the logo to show how it would look on Pete’s van and as expected, the results were fantastic. It is little touches like this that put my clients at ease, when they realise that they are dealing with professionals.


I could do it all myself but in my opinion, you should stick to what you do well and build partnerships with other professionals that are the best at their thing and then bring it all together. A happy client is a client for long time!

Responsive Design

This is the buzz phrase of the moment – Responsive Design is all about designing your website to work on every and any platform. As a designer you have to make sure that your website looks the same on every PC and Mac – as well as every combination of browser, new and old from every provider – Mozilla, Opera, Safari and of course – good old IE. Well, as if that wasn’t enough – we now have to try and work out how to make the website work on iPhones and iPads too! This website is my first site designed on a whole new framework using HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design. I don’t want to get techy but in essence it involves creating a site just 320 pixels wide to work on an iPhone or any smartphone and then growing the site inch by inch and adding functionality and content as and when you believe it becomes appropriate and/or supportable.

Have a play and by all means get back to me if there is a device on which this site doesn’t look right, all feedback is essential to making sure this is flawless.

The last touch was adding the title boxes to the project pages and I wanted to add a splash of something here – turned out it was just a case of using a script font and trying to give a sense of the project in a snapshot, I think the script contrasts well with the formality of the site.

Going forward

This website will always be clean and maybe projects will come in and out, but I am sure that we can find a way of growing the portfolio, maybe even adding a news section – but I am also aware that Pete wants to keep it clean and unfussy. This website has a very specific role (as a ‘second base’ for people to visit after an initial meeting or quote) and I think it will perform it extremely well.

You can view the live site here: