A couple of years ago I went to India with the Tag Rugby Development Trust (TRDT) to spend a couple of weeks ‘introducing’ TAG Rugby to the children of Bhubeneshwar. I arrived a day early in Kolkata and enjoyed the added bonus of an extra night of hospitality, courtesy of one Mr. Paul Walsh. I met Paul in what was effectively the club bar for the Jungle Crows RFC, the team he coached – a fascinating tale in itself …… and went on for a fantastic curry and a very deep sleep! The following day the rest of the TRDT team arrived and off I went, thanking Paul and not imagining that I would really see him again. I returned to Kolkata 2 weeks later, but he was not there and I vowed to stay in touch from Dubai – and beyond. It was through Paul that I heard about Sailen Tudu. Tudu discovered rugby on the Maidan in Kolkata where Paul coaches the Jungle Crows and he was hooked, joining the Crows and going on to represent India. Tudu’s story is a fantastic one, as is that of his friend Zaffar and you should be able to read more about them and others on my website www.ruckinrugby.com – where I try to keep up with them both. My move to the Middle East in 2007 rekindled my love of playing rugby – as my body is incapable of doing so at anything less than 35 degrees heat – and this trip to India, along with tales from the Philippines and Indonesia relayed by my team mates in Dubai, bought back to me just how important rugby was for me when I was a young teenager – and I wanted to give something back. This is what Rugby Uncle is all about, for me.

The website is up and running now and will grow quite quickly over the coming months, but for now we want it simple and easy to navigate. You can join the facebook group from the homepage and the news feed keeps up to date with everything that is going on.