A few weeks ago I was asked by Jamie Lee at ‘Action for Children‘ if I’d like to take part in a charity event in order to raise money for his charity … he said there would be free mince pies … ’nuff said!

So – what was I going to have to do for my free mince pie? Just abseil off the roof of Princesshay in Exeter … dressed as Santa. I knew my kids would love it so I jumped at the chance – and as it happens, – so did many others – there were Santas everywhere! Young, old and lots of different sizes. The last time I abseiled was in the Army, during basic training back in 1989 so I was hoping that my old bones and extra weight wouldn’t be too much of a problem and as it happened … it all went rather well.

An extra bonus was my good friend Michael Blake deciding to join me the day before the event – and my lovely wife treating me to a last meal of my own choosing in Carluccios, prior to the event.

The event was fantastic – really organised. We booked in, picked up our Santa suits – and headed to the staging area. After a quick intro to the ropes and fitting of harnesses etc, we headed up to the roof … 12 Santas in a lift, heading for the roof is quite a surreal sight. Once on the roof it was up a ladder, clip on and away you go. Job done.

Next year they are moving the event to Drake Circus in Plymouth which I am reliably informed, is a little higher. I really hope that I get to do it again as it was great fun and we raised £12,000 for the children too – which can’t be bad thing, can it?