Rugby Uncle gathers momentum

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My move to the Middle East in 2007 rekindled my love of playing rugby – as my body is incapable of doing so at anything less than 35 degrees heat – and this trip to India, along with tales from the Philippines and Indonesia relayed by my team mates in Dubai, bought back to me just how important rugby was for me when I was a young teenager – and I wanted to give something back. This is what Rugby Uncle is all about, for me.

Tiverton RFC Return to RuckinRugby

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At last, Tiverton Rugby Club and RuckinRugby are re-united with a great new website for the second half of the season and ready for 2010/11.

Cardiff University RFC go live

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The new look Cardiff University RFC website finally goes live – looks good too.

It’s also RuckinRugby

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As I explained in my last post, I am now wholly sole trading as The Pig Farmer Designs. Back in 2004 I designed a website for a rugby club and they loved it – Technology Angel developed a CMS and Template for me to use with my own HTML and CSS and we devleoped a good, solid website template for any sporting club to use, but my focus has always been rugby. RuckinRugby is essentially a ‘brand’ but I don’t trade under it – it is all me and I just trade as The Pig Farmer Designs. is an online portfolio showing all of the club and union sites I have built and it also stays up to date with all the charity work and other exciting things I get up to, in the name of RuckinRugby – so … Read More »

Twittering yet?

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I have been close to getting a Pig Farmer Twitter channel but really need to get more disciplined first as I am only just about managing to keep my RuckinRugby channel up to date …. how would I do two?? The RuckinRugby channel gave me a chance to play though and I have already created two for other clients – I am sure there will be more to come – are you twittering yet???


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