Jana Khayat has spent several years building a small, beautiful horse stud in Devon – and it was time to stop hiding and show it off to the world. After the initial phone call, I was pretty in the dark on this one – all I knew was that I had been recommended by the remarkably talented equine photographer, Fiona Crawford. However, once I got to the initial meeting – I was fully in the picture. Jana is an engaging lady, with a gift for sharing a passion. Her passion is horses and the horses in question – are very beautiful.

Jana is a perfect client and this project will be a favourite of mine for a very long time to come. It’s not rocket science, Jana simply talked to me about her business, her horses and what she wants to achieve through having an online presence. We talked about her audience – who is the site for? And we looked at 1) The best way of reaching them and 2) What they may want to see. We could have filled the site with acres of explanatory, boring copy about this that and everything else just to try and clamber up the content happy Google ladder … but that’s not what Jana is about. Nor is it what I am about.

So, we wanted clean, exact, understated, gorgeous … quality. And we wanted it on every platform, from iPhone to Widescreen iMac. It’s all about the Horses.

With Fiona Crawford on board to photograph the horses and free reign for design, this was always going to look beautiful and in my humble opinion, it does. I created a simple type based logo, a white on slate layout and then introduced the slightest accent of blood red here and there, to represent the ‘bloodline’ that is so important to Jana’s business.

Screenshot of The Ash Stud

New website project for The Ash Stud

The site has settled in nicely and now we can start to look at some SEO and SMO as well as getting the news/blog section fired up and into action. Watch this space …