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Hannah & Duncan Nobbs were already clients of mine, having come to me for their Partridge Farm website at the end of last year. This project was for an ‘offshoot’ of theirs called ‘The Posh Kebab Company’. Hannah & Duncan had long been attending street food fairs and farmers markets to sell their wares and frequently sold their lush kebabs at these events – much to everyone’s delight … they are fantastic!

To that end, they TM’d the name, got in touch with our partner Andrew Lathwell to sort out a logo and gave us a call about the website – job done. As always we were going for striking, simple and beautiful. The one thing I always ask my clients to provide in order to ensure these fundamental elements are achieved, is professional photography – and on this occasion the client exceeded my expectations. The images Hannah provided for me to use were simply stunning and instantly triggered a palette and design for me to use around the barnding from Andrew.

The Posh Kebab Company : Website Design : Screenshot

My primary aim was to ensure that Hannah & Duncan were instantly recognisable as the face of The Posh Kebab, that visitors could quickly find out where and when they could get their next kebab and that the website reflected their professionalism.

There are some nice touches we’ve been able to add like the Instagram feed, events calendar and social media links etc – but the main focus was to keep the site clean, simple and functional.

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