RuckinRugby was a ‘vision’ of mine. I designed a website for my home club in Devon England -Tiverton RFC – and was horrified to see how many clubs had either an awful website or no site at all. Put off at the idea of designing more sites from scratch I set about building a template that could be used to produce clean, slick and professional looking websites, specifically aimed at Sports clubs to include fixtures, results, selections, galleries, news and more.

I had two main criteria when creating the template, first the site needed to be clean, easy to navigate and fun to use. Second, the website needed to be extremely easy to update and administrate by ANY member of the club, be they PC literate or not! Both of these criteria have been met. The third ‘nice to have’ criteria was my desire to push for continual improvements. An agreement has been made with the development team to continually take feedback from all clubs concerned and work to improve the platform, this has been a rewarding part of the process.

RuckinRugby ver 2.0 for 2011

There have been a lot of ‘cosmetic’ changes to the RuckinRugby websites over the last 2 years but 2011 saw the release of a brand new RuckinRugby template based on a bespoke CMS commissioned by us. The new site had lots of great features and built on the feedback we received from our existing clubs over the last 4 seasons.

RuckinRugby ver 3.0 WordPress

Brand new for 2013 is the WordPress RuckinRugby website theme Based on the soccer theme from Themeboy, the new WordPress build is proving very popular and every club so far has asked to be moved across. The possibilities are endless on this platform with every plug-in just a click away and branding as simple, or complex as your heart and budget desires!

Moving forward, this should give a much reduced price to the RuckinRugby product as I will now have one single technology running through the entire company. To find out more about the RuckinRugby brand please visit the website at