18 months ago I was disappointed to discover that my own Rugby club here in Tiverton, Devon had decided to use another web developer for their website. Tiverton RFC are my club and I played for them from 10 yrs old until I joined the Army at 19, they were also the first club I ever designed a website for – in the pioneering days of RuckinRugby. The up side of this of course was getting another chance having discovered that the new ‘developer’ achieved no more than 1 single page in 18 months. So – I have now gone live with a fantastic new website for Tivvy – www.tivertonrugbyclub.co.uk – and after 7 L’s on the trot, we have been live for 3 weeks with 3 Ws ….. a good luck charm to boot!

I have experimented a little and embedded a Google Calender, hoping that some may use the ‘sync’ function available, we will see. Tivvy have been in need of a website to unify messaging and get information OUT there, and they are already using the selections/fixtures/results section very well.