The more I learn about WordPress, the more I discover there is out there that I don’t know – which is how I like it! The WP CMS is an incredibly versatile thing and constantly improving. The amount of tutorials online is mind blowing and the array of uses is quite staggering too and as far as I can see, pretty much down to the skill and imagination of the designer. I am just working through creating a theme for my client’s WP Blog so that it is in keeping with his brand. I created a website for Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford back in the spring of 2008, with a brand as part of the whole exercise. You can see his website at, it has some stunning work on there and the brand has always been about staying clean and not getting in the way of his beautiful work and imagery. I will post a full report here once his twitter page and blog are all done and interacting with one another.